PCB Fabrication, An Art Form

PCB fabrication is akin to an art form but unlike art, it’s not something catered towards the eyes of the public. Instead, it’s something that has become the backbone of modern technology. PCB stands for Printed Circuit Board and is found in nearly all modern mobile phones, appliances, electric cars, machines, computers and www.pcbnet.com.

These circuit boards enable the transfer of data from one component to another and in bigger systems, they facilitate the transfer of electric charges which contain information from one circuit board to another.

The best example of a PCB is a computer’s motherboard.

PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARDSIt connects all the working parts of a PC such as the processor, memory, power supply, and hard drive, enabling all those parts to work together in order to create a display interface on the monitor. Much simpler types of PCB are those commonly green-colored plates covered in copper patterns and soldered parts that one would see inside old electronic devices such as radios, voice recorders, and pagers.

PCB fabrication has become an art form due to the intricate attention it requires in all of its processes, producing an end result which is always near perfection. A standard PCB does not exist since each board design contains a unique function for particular product lines and is designed to perform specific functions in allocated areas.

Industrial PCB fabrication has become increasingly modernized, therefore resulting in the creation of more computer-automated assembly lines than those run by human hand. However, it’s still something that can’t go perfectly without human intervention.

Designing is an indispensable part of the PCB fabrication process and is the first step of a very long procedure  –

One could argue that without a proper design team, all the modern machinery and experienced assembly workers are for naught. Designing a printed circuit board is not about aesthetics but instead, is about functionality. The design process determines the physical dimensions, production cost, capacity, functionality, lifespan, and overall reliability of the product.

Even the design process has become modernized and is done by an electronic engineer through a Computer-Aided Design (CAD) program where schematics are drawn and each component is specified to the smallest of measurements. This is also where the working conditions are simulated with the working components digitally placed; the geometric, thermal, and environmental conditions are also taken into account.

The images generated through this process are open 2-dimensional and are in bi-level vector image file format or Gerber format (.gbr).

These files have become the standard file type of PCB design due to the mandate of the ICP – a key association in the world of electronics.

The image is then translated into instructions for computer-controlled machines that will take over the PCB manufacturing process. These automated machines follow those instructions to reduce, solder, drill, wash, and coat the board. They print the characteristics of the PCB, following only what they were programmed to do. Human supervision is still required to ensure a flawless process.


All the manufacturing processes are done in an extremely clean environment where all the physical components are free from contamination. Visual and electronic inspections are made throughout the fabrication process to ensure that no defective product will ever make it to the market.


The miniaturization of electronics continues to drive printed circuit boards to be made smaller, increasing market demands for densely-packed boards with enhanced capabilities. This has also enforced stricter standards from the industrial and electronic regulatory boards, which in turn resulted to more challenges for the electronic engineers and designers. Still, they continue to push through, improving their art little by little and slowly enhancing the common individual’s quality of life.


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How to Iron On Patches and Labels

Iron on patches are useful in lots of ways. For one, they can be used to cover up stains or holes in articles of clothing or even bags. Another use of the said patch is in marketing. Ironing the patches onto a surface can serve as a marketing material to reach out to more people. Aside from that, the iron on patch can also serve as a label, logo, or name tag wherever applicable.

There are many types of iron on patches available these days. There are small ones that only have the name of a company, organization, or a person. On the other hand, there are elaborate and more detailed ones such as brand logo, pictures, and the like.

What’s appealing about these patches is that you do not have to be a certified or licensed professional to be able to do the task. You just have to prepare yourself to go through several trial and error before you can confidently iron on the patches into any surface though. In addition to that, you are not required to use or purchase complicated tools. In fact, all you need is a simple flat iron.

Ironing on the patches and labels to any surface is a piece of cake. It won’t take you a long time to complete the task as well. Here are the steps that you have to follow too to be able to iron patches and labels into any surface you want.

Iron On Patches

Step 1: Prepare the flat iron

The flat iron should be hot enough for the iron on patches to be properly transferred onto the surface. Set the flat iron to a temperature of 138°C – 152°C. This is the temperature suitable for transferring the patches onto the clothes or bag without burning anything. You will have to wait for a while before the iron heats up to that temperature.

Step 2: Place the label

While waiting, position the patch or label on the product. Usually, the patches are ironed onto clothing or bags. Make sure that you position the patch properly. Place it wherever you want. By positioning the patch before you iron on the patches, you can avoid panicking later when the iron is already too hot. You can also avoid the scenario where the patch wasn’t positioned properly. You will end up ruining everything.

Step 3: Cover it up

Covering the patch is highly recommended. You can cover the patch with either a pressing cloth or a Teflon ironing sheet. By covering the patch, you can prevent mishaps like burning off the front surface of the patch when ironing.

Step 4: Press it down

Once the iron is hot enough, you have to press it straight down to the patch or label. It is important that you press it down with as much pressure as you can muster. That way, the patch or label can attach to the fabric properly. Avoid doing that back and forth motion you would usually do when you are ironing clothes too. You might displace the patch from its position which will consequently ruin your product.

Step 5: Check

After a few seconds, remove the flat iron. You will have to check if the iron on patch or label is already securely attached to the surface. If not, then you have to try to iron the patch with pressure once again. Repeat this step until you are sure that the patch has already stuck onto the surface.


Step 6: Let it Cool

Once you have confirmed that the patch has stuck firmly onto the surface, you have to let it cool down. The waiting time is not that long though. A full minute should be enough.

With the iron on patches, you can add flair or accent to any clothes or bags you have. You can choose patches with designs that take inspiration from pop culture superheros, anime, or even Che Guevara. If you have a popular book lines, quotes, or word art that you prefer, you can surely find them in the market anytime. There are many varieties of patches that you should be able to get your hands on these days.

Ironing on the patches onto any surface will take only these six steps. Moreover, these six steps won’t require you to spend a full hour just to finish transferring one patch. The entire process is a cinch so you can probably do it right even on your first time. Once you are done with the whole ironing on process, you can then enjoy your newly ironed on patch!


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Unexpected Rules of www.motivational-speaker-success.com to Build Confidence

Our team in www.motivational-speaker-success.com always tells aspiring motivational speakers to uphold self-confidence all the time because the audience can only believe in them if they also believe in themselves. It is a cliché already, but a lot of people just cannot get it no matter how often it is told.

The mind is a powerful source of confidence, but if you find it hard to control at times, www.motivational-speaker-success.com has other unexpected rules for you to try.

1. Understand the basics of non-verbal communication.

Experts say that 80% of communication is non-verbal. In fact, a single nod sometimes speaks louder than a resounding “yes.” The same is true when it comes to delivering a speech and building rapport. Oftentimes, you need to send non-verbal signals that say it is okay for people to respond to you. You will find this more helpful when you are in a public setting where people of the same interests are not personally connected with each other.

Non-verbal communication, when used inappropriately, can instantly repel other people and close the door for any opportunities to make a connection. One of the most common mistakes motivational speaker commit is indicating their lofty status through gestures. These gestures include perking up above eye level and giving away fleeting glances when speaking. Remember that impressing with your stature gains admiration, but not rapport. Similarly, your status is enough reason for some people to want to listen to you, but letting them feel your difference from them can keep them distant and perhaps intimidated. Rapport is lost, and so is trust.

Motivational Speaker

Not giving any signs of understanding, such as a smile, a nod and a pout also shows disinterest. Furthermore, a long speech without affective gestures is boring and seems rehearsed.

Non-verbal communication is definitely a big factor in developing confidence. However, we, at www.motivational-speaker.success.com, believe that verbal communication is still the biggest element that you need to master as a motivational speaker. If non-verbal communication opens the door, verbal communication keeps it open for you to do what you need to do.

2. Apply rebranding.

People say that when women suddenly change their hairstyles and fashion sense, they are trying to rebrand themselves to leave a bitter experience behind and come out stronger and better. That is not necessarily true all the time.

Rebranding helps in reinforcing self-confidence whenever you feel it waning, perhaps due to a bad experience on stage or because of other people’s malicious comments. A new image will definitely help you feel better about yourself, and that will emanate in the way you speak, move on stage, and connect with the audience. Feeling good about yourself also makes you look better. Your emotional status comes out naturally in your smile, aura, disposition, behavior and energy.

Motivational Speakers

Don’t you feel happy and excited whenever you have a new pair of shoes or whenever you get a nice facial? Then do something to make you feel happy before going on stage. Pamper yourself. Read a good book. Buy new clothes. The happiness and excitement that you feel are things that draw people to you. Becoming a good speaker is just one aspect of achieving success in this business because at the end of the day, it is still your message and personality, not your delivery, which leaves the biggest mark.

Interest naturally wanes when people think that they already know everything about you and think that they have heard everything you have to say. The solution to this is to present yourself in a different form and make them wonder if you still have new things to share. You have to keep people constantly looking towards your direction to secure their attention.

3. Bring your lucky charm with you.

Our team in www.motivational-speaker-success.com emphasizes over and over again that the best source of confidence for motivational speakers is their own mind. The right mindset can take you a long way, regardless of the challenges and failure that you experience as a speaker. However, it does not hurt to have something comforting beside you every time you battle nervousness while doing your job.

A lucky charm need not be something magical and mysterious. It can be anything that makes you feel comfortable for some reason. Some people put coins in their shoes out of the belief that it brings luck. Some people press a stress ball or play with a pen while behind the lectern. Some wear their lucky shirts to important events to make them feel good. While these habits sound silly, what is important is that they create a positive effect that can help a motivational speaker perform his roles very well.

The Importance of Using Hybrid Clubs for Golfers

Hybrid clubs are the combination of fairway wood and conventional iron used by golfers in lofting the ball. With the advantage of the two, you are sure to benefit from the excellent features they offer. And as one of the latest inventions in the golf industry, the hybrid golf club is specifically designed to support players through rough and difficult spots. In truth, many golfers today are referring to these as rescue clubs.

In 2000, hybrids became popular to golfers across the globe. After discovering the efficiency and affordability of these clubs in the market, customers start to notice its value. Ideal for trouble shots, these clubs can conveniently drive the golf ball through the greens. Unlike conventional long irons, you can make smoother swings using this type of club offered by Rock Bottom Golf. The company provides the finest hybrid clubs to help every golfer meet their needs and expectations.

Finding the Right Hybrid Golf Club

Over time, golf players have actually struggled using long irons, specifically numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Because of the small club heads as well as low-degree strikes, players need to exert more effort in the greens. On the other hand, hybrid clubs feature deeper and larger club heads for a low center of gravity. It helps beginners and average golfers in getting the ball above ground.
The curved sole of this club facilitates easy slide across the grass without any problems such as snagging. Like fairway woods, hybrid clubs are also reasonably practical when hitting the ball off the tee. However, it’s important to know that shorter shafts provide better control unlike the traditional wood. And today, almost all golf players, including the professionals, carry at least one hybrid golf club. Some choose to play with several hybrids while others carry a bag of hybrids.

Hybrid-Club Reputable companies like Rock Bottom Golf manufacture hybrid golf clubs that can substitute conventional clubs. With the increasing popularity of golf clubs, golfers are now discovering better ways to use such equipment. The head shape makes the hybrid extremely versatile while providing convenient movements to players. It also represents an innovative factor in terms of club design. In reality, recreational golfers are sure to enjoy these clubs due to convenience and balance.

How to Improve Golfing Skills through Quality Golf Clubs

Every golfer knows that flat irons make the game even more challenging. Whether it’s constantly taking the ball airborne or making shits that stay on the targeted linen through the greens, average players frequently struggle in using long irons. For instance, lofting the ball off the tee can be hard when the player did not use the right club. Long irons have been developed to match the efficiency of hybrids. At times, they are referred to as utility woods which replace low irons in the regular golf setup.

Without changing the swing, average players get positive results immediately through using hybrid golf clubs. The first component is the design of the club which promotes greater ability of getting the ball airborne while reducing hard-ground balls that cause two or three irons. When it comes to squarer club face, golfers are able to maintain squarer club face at impact. Due to many woods involved off the tee, golf companies are more familiar with lofting woods than long irons.

Hybrid Clubs

Choosing the Ideal Brand for Golf Equipment Needs

Hence, hybrids are designed to perform like the 3- or 5-wood although they are relatively shorter.  The greatest improvement of these clubs is the immediate results they are able to provide golfers. When lofting a hybrid club off the fairway, players see the impact of striking from the initial cut of the course. Hitting a 3-iron from rough course is difficult and making well balanced contact from the rough is usually beyond the skills of the average golfer.

Using long irons with longer grass tends to grasp the hosel and the face. That grasping action facilitates the exacerbation of two fundamental issues when lofting the long iron. Players need to send the ball airborne while maintaining it on the targeted line for a consistent game. And with the help of hybrids, it’s now easier to control movement for an ultimate golfing experience.

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Devaluing Your Brand By Making The Wrong Moves With SEO

Internet MarketingIn order to do the right thing with your seo marketing plan, you may need to first know what the bad things are. Some people aren’t aware of the negative things that they can do within the realms of internet marketing. That ignorance can lead to making the wrong decisions in hiring a person to help with implementation, as well as causing a number of different issues related to the world of optimization as a whole. If you find yourself confused with how to move forward with internet marketing, it becomes necessary to consider several elements moving forward. You will absolutely need to keep certain things in mind, otherwise you will end up hiring the wrong firm, or implementing a strategy that will not give you a good return on investment.


Sporadically Updating Your Website

Content management

If you get too busy to update your blog, website, or social media profile, you will run into issues over time. Dormant websites fail to get any sort of traffic. In the end, you could find your page diminished in more than just ranking. The rank of your site may go down but your brand will also suffer and devalue your overall reach. If you update every not and again, you will fall behind sites that update on a daily basis. It’s for that reason that you need to focus on a lot of different elements of seo and not just one. If you neglect your page and are busy with other areas of your business, then hire someone to help you create content and manage it well. Content management is one way to ensure that you are not losing market share.


Spam Comments

There are a lot of people that advocate commenting on sites and getting a backlink. You can definitely do this, especially with sites that have “no follow” tags on their websites. You can find that doing this too much can pose a detriment, and doing it with reckless abandon could bring you down a peg in terms of search engine optimization. You do not want to be labeled as a spammer, whether through posting too many comments too quickly or through social media websites. It’s easy to get labeled as a spammer by just going to site after site and leaving frivolous comments or paying someone to do this for you. Instead of doing this, make sure that you leave thoughtful comments sporadically.


Keyword Stuffing

Keyword StuffingFinding the right keywords to work with is part of the bigger picture of search engine optimization. However, if you’re stuffing these links across your site and within hidden areas of your domain name, you will end up seeing a detriment overall. There’s a number of ways that you can traverse this without doing it wrong. The best way to analyze the content you’re working with, posting the right elements and working with keyword values is to get professional help. If you stuff keywords into your site and Meta data too much, you’re going to find detriment in the value of your site. It will drop to record lows and could even end up causing you a great deal of problems recovering from the issue.


The above are just some of the things that will not help you make moves with seo. Internet marketing requires you to work on several different components. If you do not work with all of them, you will end up seeing a huge diminished return on your brand and traffic. Losing your traffic can cause your site and brand to disappear from the internet search results and more. If you want to triumph with internet marketing, make sure that you’re not doing the above, and you understand when a firm is going to bring you down in those arenas as well.