How to Iron On Patches and Labels

Iron on patches are useful in lots of ways. For one, they can be used to cover up stains or holes in articles of clothing or even bags. Another use of the said patch is in marketing. Ironing the patches onto a surface can serve as a marketing material to reach out to more people. Aside from that, the iron on patch can also serve as a label, logo, or name tag wherever applicable.

There are many types of iron on patches available these days. There are small ones that only have the name of a company, organization, or a person. On the other hand, there are elaborate and more detailed ones such as brand logo, pictures, and the like.

What’s appealing about these patches is that you do not have to be a certified or licensed professional to be able to do the task. You just have to prepare yourself to go through several trial and error before you can confidently iron on the patches into any surface though. In addition to that, you are not required to use or purchase complicated tools. In fact, all you need is a simple flat iron.

Ironing on the patches and labels to any surface is a piece of cake. It won’t take you a long time to complete the task as well. Here are the steps that you have to follow too to be able to iron patches and labels into any surface you want.

Iron On Patches

Step 1: Prepare the flat iron

The flat iron should be hot enough for the iron on patches to be properly transferred onto the surface. Set the flat iron to a temperature of 138°C – 152°C. This is the temperature suitable for transferring the patches onto the clothes or bag without burning anything. You will have to wait for a while before the iron heats up to that temperature.

Step 2: Place the label

While waiting, position the patch or label on the product. Usually, the patches are ironed onto clothing or bags. Make sure that you position the patch properly. Place it wherever you want. By positioning the patch before you iron on the patches, you can avoid panicking later when the iron is already too hot. You can also avoid the scenario where the patch wasn’t positioned properly. You will end up ruining everything.

Step 3: Cover it up

Covering the patch is highly recommended. You can cover the patch with either a pressing cloth or a Teflon ironing sheet. By covering the patch, you can prevent mishaps like burning off the front surface of the patch when ironing.

Step 4: Press it down

Once the iron is hot enough, you have to press it straight down to the patch or label. It is important that you press it down with as much pressure as you can muster. That way, the patch or label can attach to the fabric properly. Avoid doing that back and forth motion you would usually do when you are ironing clothes too. You might displace the patch from its position which will consequently ruin your product.

Step 5: Check

After a few seconds, remove the flat iron. You will have to check if the iron on patch or label is already securely attached to the surface. If not, then you have to try to iron the patch with pressure once again. Repeat this step until you are sure that the patch has already stuck onto the surface.


Step 6: Let it Cool

Once you have confirmed that the patch has stuck firmly onto the surface, you have to let it cool down. The waiting time is not that long though. A full minute should be enough.

With the iron on patches, you can add flair or accent to any clothes or bags you have. You can choose patches with designs that take inspiration from pop culture superheros, anime, or even Che Guevara. If you have a popular book lines, quotes, or word art that you prefer, you can surely find them in the market anytime. There are many varieties of patches that you should be able to get your hands on these days.

Ironing on the patches onto any surface will take only these six steps. Moreover, these six steps won’t require you to spend a full hour just to finish transferring one patch. The entire process is a cinch so you can probably do it right even on your first time. Once you are done with the whole ironing on process, you can then enjoy your newly ironed on patch!


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